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Five spacious elegant master bedrooms all with their own bathroom. Fluffy cushions, inviting mattresses and the best quality linen will make you sleep like an angel. 

The relaxed minimal decoration will invite you to relax and feel good after a day in the sun. The climate control is and the smart home features add to a trouble free stay.   


Meet the Shell Suite, Lifetree Suite, Coral Suite, Stone Suite and Multiroom! 

The Coral Suite 

Located on the first floor with 2 single beds and en-suite bathroom

The Stone Suite 

Located on the ground floor with a kingsize bed and a double sofa-bed. The ensuite bathroom has a double shower cabin.

The Lifetree Suite 

Located on the ground floor with 2 single beds and an en-suite bathroom.

Shell Suite 

Located on the ground floor with 1 kingsize bed and a single sofa bed and an en-suite bathroom.


The ultimate space to play boardgames, PS5, hang out, watch a good movie, anything you need to relax indoors is here. This room can also be used as a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.